Submersible Pump systems

Red Jacket Pump - manifold

Red Jacket

Red Jacket’s Submersible Pumps and unsurpassed expertise help you optimize fuel flow. With more than 500,000 installations worldwide, Red Jacket’s family of Submersible Turbine Pumps and Pump Control Boxes ensure that you can pump fuel quickly, efficiently and safely. Above ground or below ground, you can count on our submersible fuel pumps.

Our Red Jacket products are backed by over 130 years experience in STP technology and Veeder-Root’s largest network of distributors and authorized service contractors worldwide.

Red Jacket Pump Motor

The industry’s most advanced motor

Reliability. Safety. Interchangeability. The STP motor is the heart of a service station, controlling the flow of fuel through every pipe, to every dispenser and every nozzle. Red Jacket's new, improved motor delivers higher efficiency and fuel flow and lower power consumption, allowing Red Jacket to continue to offer you the most advanced STPs.

Features & Benefits

  • The industry’s most advanced motor
  • Fixed speed technology is less expensive to buy, own and operate
  • Up to 5% increased flow
  • 8% less power consumption
  • Improved quality
  • Improved international safety flame proof standards

Submersible Turbine Pumps

Red Jacket Subersible Turbine Pumps

Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump

Fixed-speed submersible turbine pump that optimizes fuel flow to your dispensers. Its motor performance delivers higher flow rates than any other motor in the industry.

Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump AG

Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump AG

Fixed-speed alcohol gas fuel pump with a motor that delivers a higher flow rate than any other submersible pump, to optimize flow to your dispensers.

Red Jacket LPG Pump

Red Jacket LPG Pump

The most efficient, cost-effective explosion-proof submersible LPG pump/motor unit. It provides increased flow rates and operator fueling uptime with changing LPG mixtures, lower installation and maintenance costs, and lower operating costs than suction technology.

The Maxxum Big Flow Submersible Turbine Pump

The Maxxum Big Flow Submersible Turbine Pump

6” high flow submersible fuel pump, engineered for high throughput applications such as truck stops. 3 or 5 HP motor provides the highest flow rates for its size.

DEF Solutions

Red Jacket DEF Pumps

Red Jacket DEF Pump

A complete fueling solution designed to deliver the highest flow and maximum performance for sites that dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Pump Control Boxes

IQ Control Box

IQ Control Box

  • Allows for demand-based staging of multiple pumps to control fuel flow based on changing fuel demand
  • Automatically resets after dry run condition when fuel is added to the tank to minimize downtime
  • Protects wiring and controls from locked rotor or high current
  • Warns site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel
  • Monitors site power conditions to ensure long motor life and uninterrupted fueling
Standard Control Box

Standard Control Box

  • Easy interface between dispenser and turbine pump
  • Proved “lock-out-tag-out“ for safe pump servicing
  • Easily accessible capacitor for troubleshooting and repair, saving costs and time
  • No need for explosion-proof junction box and electrical fittings kit for 50Hz, three-phase pump, creating lower installation costs
  • Available with capacitor and without capacitor
ISOTROL 1-8 Control Box

ISOTROL 1-8 Control Box

  • Dedicated Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) line leak output and coil for easy compatibility with PLLD
  • Terminals are labeled for easy wiring and compatibility
  • May be used with Red Jacket’s Submersible Turbine Pump, Maxxum, or Legacy Big Flo Pump, IQ Control Box, or as a “stand-alone”
  • Easily retrofitted to existing locations
  • Compliant with NEC requirements for handle isolation